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Potty Training Reward Ideas

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Potty training is often one of the most daunting tasks for parents. Having some potty training reward ideas on hand can help ensure success and positive reinforcement.

Multiple different potty training reward ideas can be done. It’s also common that one reward will be more exciting than the others which can help encourage them more.

Potty Training Reward Ideas

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Tips On Potty Training

Coming from a parent who has potty trained multiple children, I’ve learned a few tips over the years. In addition to using potty training rewards, I’ve learned:

  1. Some children are easier to potty train than others. Don’t get frustrated if the potty training process is more difficult than it was with another child.
  2. Make sure they are ready to be potty trained. Starting too early with the potty training process can make it take longer. There are a few signs that you can look for. For instance, we noticed that their diapers would be dryer for a longer amount of time. You may also notice that they tell you when they have peed or pooped.
  3. Be patient and consistent with your child. Our children all went through their terrible twos as they were interested in learning how to go potty.. so that was interesting!
  4. Celebrate the small wins. It’s not going to happen overnight. If your child goes just a few drops or a tiny bit, celebrate it. It will only encourage them to keep trying.
  5. Use a child-sized potty chair or a sturdy stool that you can help them get on the toilet with.
  6. Books and videos can help show them the process and learn more about potty training.
  7. Set reminders. This helped a lot during the early stages. We would often be busy throughout the day so a reminder alarm would help us stay on track.

Potty Training Reward Ideas

Because potty training can be challenging for parents and kids, it’s important to find something that works. It’s trial and error here to see which reward for potty training has more success than the others.

Remember, you may go through a number of different potty training reward ideas until you find one that works.

Reward Ideas for Potty Training

Praise, Praise, Praise

Praising your child with an excited and congratulatory tone can be a great potty training reward idea. It’s something we naturally do as parents as kids accomplish different milestones. Potty training is a huge milestone that we are all excited about.

Along with the praise you give for successfully going potty, give them a hug or a high five. This will make it more exciting.

Sticker Charts Make Great Potty Training Reward Ideas

Sticker charts are popular because it gives them a visual representation of their progress. Get some of their favorite themed stickers and find a sticker chart online or at the store. Each time they go potty, they get to add a sticker to the chart. After so many stickers they can receive a prize or something fun and special.

Special Privileges

Allow the child to choose a special activity or get extra screen time as a reward for continuing to use the potty.

Toy or Treat Rewards

For consistent potty use, celebrate their achievement by allowing them to pick a new toy to add to their collection. The toys could be small toys from your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store.

Treats can be a good alternative to toy rewards. Gummy bears, a small cookie, or a piece of candy.

I recommend purchasing a few small dollar toys and some treats, then put them in a box. Whenever they are successful, they can choose an item out of the box.

Potty Training Reward Ideas

Remember, every child is different, so it’s important to find a reward system that works best for them. You can also base the potty training rewards on their interests to make the process more appealing to them.

Happy training!

Rewards for Potty Training

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