Creepy Halloween Dinner Ideas

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From mummy meatloaf to jack-o-lantern skillet dishes, these easy and fun Halloween dinner ideas are perfect for the spooky season.

Typically we are all about the fun Halloween treats and party snacks. This year, we want to focus more on ghoulish and creepy Halloween dinner ideas.

I think the kids will love it and it’ll be something different we do for Halloween.

After a busy day of decorating pumpkins with the kids, enjoy some of these fun and creepy Halloween dinner ideas.

Creepy Halloween Dinner Ideas

Serve up some of these creepy Halloween dinner ideas for the spooky season and have some fun with the family!

Creepy Halloween Dinner Ideas

Check out some of the cool creepy Halloween dinner ideas that we found. Delicious, easy to make, and oh-so fun for the spooky season!

1. Halloween Monster Burgers

These monster burgers are sure to be a hit with the whole family. Serve up your favorite French fries for burger sides and you have a filling Halloween dinner idea.

2. Jack O Lantern Sloppy Joe Pie

Festive, spooky, and fun, this Halloween dinner idea is perfect for the season. Boring sloppy joe pie is turned into a super fun Jack O Lantern pie that everyone can enjoy.

3. Eyeball Pasta

Yummy eyeball pasta. Green noodles are topped with a tasty pasta sauce and edible eyeballs. The eyeballs are actually made from mozzarella cheese and olives for something extra flavorful and fun.

4. Halloween Sliders

Sliders are always an easy dinner idea that you can make for the kids. Sloppy joes are turned into monster slider sandwiches with this fun and tasty Halloween dinner idea. Since we love sloppy joes, and it’s affordable, this will probably be one of our go-to creepy Halloween dinner ideas this year!

5. Halloween Pumpkin Pizzas

Made with cheese and black olives, these pumpkin shaped pizzas are an easy and fun Halloween dinner idea that the kids will enjoy.

6. Jack O Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Jack O Lantern Stuffed Peppers

If you love stuffed peppers for dinner, take it up a notch for Halloween and enjoy these fun Jack O Lantern stuffed peppers. Ground beef, Rotel, beans, rice, and cheese are all you need for this tasty dinner idea.

7. Halloween Mummy Stromboli Dinner

Enjoy this mummy themed stromboli dinner for Halloween and you’ll have a spooky dinner idea that friends and family will enjoy.

8. Halloween Veggie Tray

Filling and fun, this Halloween themed veggie tray will be the perfect addition to any Halloween party. Not only are the veggies delicious but there is a 7 layer dip that will fill you up in no time.

9. Halloween Sausage Rolls

Enjoy breakfast for dinner with these treats! Sausage links are wrapped in a flaky crescent roll and then turned into mummies for this Halloween dinner idea. Both kids and adults can enjoy these Halloween sausage rolls and it’s one of the best kid-friendly creepy Halloween dinner ideas.

10. Halloween Chicken Parm Sliders

Friends and family will love these delicious and easy to make Halloween chicken parm sliders. They’re great for parties and when you want to cook up a spooky Halloween dinner.

11. Creepy Spaghetti and Meatballs

Take your spaghetti and meatball dinner to a whole new level for Halloween with this recipe! Kids and adults will love this fun creepy pasta for Halloween dinner.

12. Veggie Pizza Skulls

Cute and fun for your Halloween dinner, these veggie pizza skulls are filled with veggies wrapped in a premade pizza crust and shaped like skulls.

13. Halloween Sandwiches

If you’re looking for a light dinner idea for Halloween, these Halloween sandwiches are easy to make and fun for Halloween. You can customize the sandwiches with your favorite cheese, meats, and condiments.

14. Spooky Spider Pasta

Spooky spider pasta. Black spaghetti noodles are topped with an orange pumpkin sauce that uses cream to create the web. The spiders are made from black olives to create a spooky dinner idea for Halloween.

15. Spooky Mummy Meatloaf Balls

Enjoy meatloaf in a whole new way with these spooky mummy meatloaf balls. The meatloaf balls are wrapped in a crescent roll to look like mummies and will be a fun Halloween dinner idea for kids and adults.

16. Halloween Pizza Calzone

This Halloween themed dinner idea is a good one! The mummy wrapped pizza calzone will be a hit with the kids. Since pizza is always a favorite, this will be another one of our favorite creepy Halloween dinner ideas.

17. Easy Halloween Salad

This Halloween salad turns into a ghoulish Halloween dinner idea that everyone in the family will enjoy.

18. Creepy Halloween Dinner Ideas: Mummy Meatloaf

Maybe too creepy to eat! This creepy mummy meatloaf is definitely worth serving up for the spooky holiday.

19. Spider Macaroni & Cheese

Spider Macaroni & Cheese

A side worthy of Halloween, this spider mac and cheese will be the perfect addition to your creepy Halloween dinner ideas.

Delicious Dinner Ideas for Halloween

Give the family an interesting dinner with these delicious dinner ideas for Halloween. They’re fun, spooky, and just a little creepy!

Delicious Creepy Halloween Dinner IDeas

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