Easy Halloween Treats and Party Snacks

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Halloween is just around the corner! Check out these cute and easy Halloween treats and party snacks that the kids will love!

We LOVE easy Halloween treats. They’re fun to make for class parties, we can make them for a snack, or we can enjoy them as we watch our favorite Halloween movies or decorate pumpkins.

Yes, this year we will be decorating pumpkins instead of carving them. Carving pumpkins is typically the way we go, but we want to get creative this year.

Easy Halloween Party Treats

Easy Halloween Treats and Party Snacks

Easy Halloween Treats

When it comes to Halloween parties either at home or at school, bringing in some cool and easy Halloween treats and party snacks will make you the star of the show.

Make Halloween treats that are fun and spooky and you have the best Halloween party treats that kids will enjoy throughout the party.

Whether you are looking for some easy Halloween treats that are sweet or savory, these delicious treat recipes are going to be perfect for the occasion. These Halloween party treats will be great for both kids and adults to enjoy. As an added bonus, many can be whipped up in just a few minutes!

1. Colorful Oreo Truffle Balls

Kids will love these adorable and easy Halloween treats at parties. The colorful Oreo truffle balls are made to look like spooky fun monsters and will be a fun sweet treat for any Halloween party.

2. Halloween Charcuterie Board

Add some flavor and fun to your party with this cute Halloween charcuterie board. It’s full of cheese, candy, and meat that both kids and adults will enjoy. Halloween charcuterie boards make the best easy Halloween treats that will save you time and give you something fun to serve up.

3. Mummy Cherry Hand Pies

Instead of cookies and traditional desserts, serve up these cute mummy cherry hand pies that make an easy Halloween party treat for kids and adults.

4. Easy Halloween Treats: Spider Oreos

Oreos are turned into cute spiders with this fun and easy party treat. The not so creepy spiders are made with Oreos, chocolate, pretzels, and candy eyes.

5. Halloween Brownies

These fun graveyard brownies will be a super cute Halloween party treat that kids will have fun with. They’ll love the chocolate spooky goodness these brownies bring.

6. Halloween Bat Pudding Cups

Super fun for Halloween, these easy bat pudding cups are perfect for class parties and Halloween parties. Kids will love the creative colors and can even help you make them!

7. Cauldron Ding Dongs

Store bought Ding Dongs are turned into a fun Halloween party treat! Perfect for parties, these cauldron ding dong treats look like a witch’s cauldron that’s colorful and fun.

8. Monster Dessert Dip

You only need five minutes and a few ingredients to make this fun monster dessert dip. Serve with graham crackers and you have an easy Halloween party treat.

9. Mummy Bark

Halloween Mummy Bark

Bark is always a fun party treat and this mummy bark is perfect for your Halloween parties. Serve them in individual bags and you can have a sweet treat chocolate lovers will enjoy.

10. Popcorn Cauldrons

Popcorn Cauldrons

Creative, fun, and tasty, kids will love these adorable Halloween popcorn cauldrons. These are so easy to make that kids can get involved and help you make them.

11. Halloween Pretzel Bites

Another super easy Halloween party treat that you can make, these pretzel bites are adorable and fun for the spooky holiday. Mini chocolate candies sit inside pretzels and are dipped in chocolate and decorated for Halloween.

12. Twinkie Ghosts

Twinkie Ghosts

Turn Twinkies into cute Twinkie ghosts to create a fun Halloween party treat everyone will love. The sweet cake treat will be a hit with kids.

13. Apple Monsters

Another healthy and fun Halloween party treat for kids, these green apple monsters are easy and quick to whip up.

14. Halloween Spider Snacks

For a healthy party treat that kids will love, try this celery and peanut butter spider snack for a tasty treat kids will enjoy.

15. Chocolate Whoopie Pie Monsters

Fun and adorable, these chocolate whoopie monster pies are made with cake mix cookies and are stuffed with a fluffy sweet green filling for extra sweetness.

16. Peanut Butter Cup Spiders

These cute spider cups are perfect for Halloween! The mix of chocolate and pretzels will be a hit with everyone.

Halloween Party Treats

Serve up any of these Halloween party treats and the kids will be excited! They’ll love the flavors and the fun themed treats for Halloween.

Easy Halloween Party Snacks

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