Show and Tell Letter V Ideas

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These show and tell letter V ideas will give you some ideas on things that they can take to school when needed.

Show and Tell or Share and Tell days at school are a great way to make a boring school day more fun. It also gives the kids a chance to share a little more about themselves with their teachers and classmates.

I remember Show and Tell days. As a kid, it was so exciting to see and play with the different items everyone would bring. It also helped give me the courage to stand up in front of the class and speak. Something I always dreaded but did it anyway.

Letter V Show and Tell Ideas

Show and tell letter V ideas are hard. There aren’t many kid-friendly items that they can take with them but we’ve come up with a few ideas.

Show and Tell Letter V Ideas

Share and Tell Lever V Tips

When it comes to finding different objects that kids can take on Show and Tell days, here are a few tips we can share from experience that we will use for these show and tell letter V ideas.

  • Look through their list of books. You may be able to find a book that starts with the letter V.
  • Check out the toys and the stuffed animals they have in their rooms. finding an action figure or toy that starts with the letter V can always be used.
  • Pictures may work. If you have some family photos around, there may be an object someone is holding or in the background.
  • Food might also be an option. This is probably way out of left field but veal, venison, or others might work. This would probably involve you cooking and many schools do not allow this anymore.

Ideas for Show and Tell Letter V

Finding items that start with the letter V that could be used as show and tell is a tricky one. As stated above, there aren’t many small portable items that the kids can easily take back and forth. However, here are some show and tell lever V ideas that you can use.

  1. violin
  2. vinyl record
  3. VHS Tape – the kids probably won’t even know what these are but you may have some still around!
  4. vase
  5. vacuum – this could be a little handheld vacuum that’s easy for kids to carry
  6. volleyball
  7. voice recorder
  8. vest
  9. volcano – would also make a great science project for kids!
  10. video camera
  11. visor
  12. vegetable
  13. vanilla
  14. video game
  15. velvet material or clothing made from velvet
  16. violet flower
  17. vine
  18. van – a toy van would work well
  19. Villain – a villain toy or action figure
  20. vacation picture
  21. Viking action figure

Share and Tell days are great for kids. Not only are they educational and help promote kindness, but they are also fun days that kids can look forward to in school. Hopefully, these show and tell letter V ideas will come in handy!

Ideas for Show and Tell Letter V

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