Fun Halloween Cookies

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Whip up some of these fun Halloween cookies for the kids this year and it’ll be great! You can use them for school parties, at-home treats for the kids, or Halloween parties you’ll be hosting at home.

This Halloween we are going all out. We’ll be making some creepy Halloween dinners and serving up some fun Halloween cookies. We will also be making some painted pumpkins and putting together some easy Halloween treats.

We’ve even found some pretty cool Halloween touch and feel books the little ones can play with at our Halloween party.

Fun Halloween Themed Cookies

We’ve found some easy and fun Halloween cookies that we think the whole family will love! There is a mix of everything on this list.

Fun Halloween Cookies

And, these cute cookies for Halloween will go great on your Halloween snack boards!

Enough chit-chat, let’s get to these fun Halloween cookie treats.

1. Tombstone Cookies

Serve up some spooky Halloween cookies with these tombstone cookies. They’ll be a fun Halloween cookie for kids and adults.

2. Gingerbread Skull Cookies

Flavored with gingerbread and decorated to look like skulls, these Halloween cookies are fun and easy to make.

3. Frankenstein Cookies

All dressed up for Halloween, these cookies are decorated to look like Frankenstein. The cookies are colorful and fun, and will be a cute Halloween cookie for parties.

4. Zombie Eyeball Cookies

Adorable! These zombie eyeball cookies are perfect for Halloween celebrations. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and decorate them with icing and candy eyes.

5. Mummy Cookies

Serve up these mummy cookies as cookies or turn them into cake pops and these mummy cookies will be a tasty treat for any Halloween party. You can also enjoy them at home when you’re craving a spooky sweet treat.

6. Halloween Spider Cookies

Creative and fun, these cute Halloween spider cookies are perfect for the spooky season. The cookies are topped with Reese’s cups and drizzled with chocolate to look like spiders.

7. Halloween Cake Mix Cookies

Use cake mix as a shortcut to create these fun Halloween cookies. Add googly eyes for extra fun and you have a tasty party treat or snack for Halloween.

8. Mummy Cookies

Super cute and fun for kids, these mummy cookies would be perfect for any spooky celebrations you might be having. Plus, they are quick and easy to make!

9. Fall Cake Mix Cookies

Another cake mix cookie recipe that’s easy to make and perfect for Halloween. Orange, black, and white M&M’s give these cookies some extra sweetness.

10. Loaded Cookies and Cream Halloween Cookies

You’ll love the flavors of these cookies! Loaded with flavor, these easy cookies are fun and delicious.

11. Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Simple but fun, these chocolate cookies are decorated with candy. Create some fun monster cookies with these and you have the perfect Halloween treat.

12. Ghost and Pumpkin Cookies

Easy to make and fun for Halloween, these pumpkin and ghost-shaped cookie treats are decorated with colorful icing. They’re perfect for parties or snacks.

13. Creature in the Wall Cookies

Talk about spooky! These ghostly cookies are made to look like hands and faces poking through the cookies for a fun and unique cookie treat.

14. Googly Eye Shaker Cookies

So much fun for Halloween! Kids and adults will love playing with these eye-shaker cookies and will enjoy eating them too!

15. Frankenstein Peanut Butter Cookies

Delicious and fun for Halloween, kids, and adults will love these soft Frankenstein peanut butter cookies.

Spooky Fun Halloween Cookies

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