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Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas Guests Will Want

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When hosting a baby shower, a diaper raffle is always a popular activity. Check out these diaper raffle prize ideas guests will love.

Diaper raffles are popular for baby showers. They give the chance for parents to stock up on diapers before the baby is born. Diapers are expensive and one of the most costly things parents need for a baby.

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas

How to do a diaper raffle?

To set up a diaper raffle you only need a few supplies. You will want to purchase some raffle tickets from your local department store. Walmart usually carries these. You can also choose to create your own if you want.

For every box of diapers guests bring, they receive a raffle ticket. Have the guests write their names on the ticket. Place the tickets in a large container or basket. When you are ready to draw the winners, you can pull the names out from the container to see who wins the prize or prizes.

Diaper Raffle Tips

  • Advertise the raffle on the baby shower invitations. This will give guests time to prepare and purchase the diapers in advance.
  • If you plan on using a certain brand, be sure to list that on the diaper raffle announcement. Also include that you want a variety of different sizes so that they can be used throughout the year, not just newborn aged.
  • Include a list of the different prizes guests can win.
  • Showcase the gifts at the baby shower. You can place the gifts on a table along with a spot where they can put the diapers and their tickets. It’s handy to have a pen ready to go so that when you pass the tickets out guests can easily write their name on the tickets for entry.
  • Don’t wait until the end to draw prizes. Some guests may not be able to stay until the end and you want to make sure they get a chance at the prizes.
  • If parents are using cloth diapers, you can choose to use baby wipes as an alternative to diapers.

How many prizes do I need for a diaper raffle?

This really all depends on what items you’d like to offer and the number of guests. You can choose to make a selection of small baskets, one prize for each winner, or choose a large gift basket that someone can win.

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas

When it comes to finding the perfect prizes for diaper raffles there are a few things to consider. One would be your budget. Typically diaper raffle prizes range anywhere from $25-$50 but you can adjust this to your budget. It’s best to try and match the cost of diapers to the prize amount if not double.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to a diaper raffle prize. You can go with DIY gift baskets that you put together yourself or purchase premade gift baskets.

Choose different themes for your gift baskets. For instance, you can get or put together a pamper gift basket. Fill these with socks, lotions, spa items, and other gifts that recipients can use to pamper themselves.

A movie night basket is also fun. Make a basket full of popcorn and snacks so they can enjoy a movie night.

A new mom gift basket may also be a good choice if you have guests who may be expecting or just had a baby.

1. Spa Body & Earth Basket

2. Movie Night Gift Basket

3. Tea Gift set

4. Coffee Basket

Prize Ideas for Diaper Raffle

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