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Gnome Christmas Ornaments

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Easily make your own adorable gnome Christmas ornaments with these tutorials. Great for both kids and adults, these homemade gnome ornaments are cute!

They’ll look great on any tree and will add some extra holiday cheer to your home this season. You can also use them as a Christmas Day activity to do with the family.

Traditionally, the kids have always enjoyed a tasty Christmas breakfast, made a Christmas craft, opened presents, and enjoyed a holiday dinner with the family. Christmas candy crafts are ALWAYS a hit!

This is just what we have always done and it’s been fun. It’s a holiday tradition we definitely recommend! If you decide to make a craft on Christmas Day, why not give these DIY gnome Christmas ornaments a shot?

DIY Gnome Ornaments for Christmas

DIY Gnome Ornaments for Christmas

Gnome Christmas Ornaments

In addition to making these gnome Christmas ornaments, you can make your own DIY gnome Christmas decorations. Both will make your house look festive, cheerful, and gnomey!

1. Easy Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Easy Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

Super easy to make, these DIY gnome pinecone ornaments are cute and fun to make. Hang them on the tree for the holidays and you have some cute holiday ornaments to enjoy looking at.

2. Toilet Paper Gnomes

I LOVE these cute toilet paper roll gnomes. You can make them as just a regular holiday craft or you can use the extra yarn to turn them into ornaments.

3. Pink Gnome Ornaments

Pink is the theme for these DIY Christmas gnome ornaments. These pink gnomes are easy to make and will look great on the tree.

4. Red and Green Gnome Ornaments

Festive and fun for the holidays, you can make these DIY red and green gnomes to hang on the tree for the holidays.

5. DIY Gnome Ornaments

DIY Gnome Ornaments

Grab the free pattern that’s available and you can make these adorable gnomes to hang on the tree.

6. Winter Wonderland DIY Gnome Ornaments

Look at how adorable these winter wonderland gnomes are! I love the blue snowflake hats.

7. Paper Plate DIY Gnome Ornaments

Paper Plate DIY Gnome Ornaments

Get creative and have the kids help you make these gnome ornaments. All you need are a few supplies and you have a few paper plate gnomes you can use to decorate the tree!

8. Paper Gnome Ornament DIY

Another fun gnome ornament craft the kids can make for the holidays. These DIY gnomes are creative, and fun, and the kids will have a blast making them.

9. DIY Christmas Gnome Ornament

Another creative gnome ornament craft that you can make for the tree. We love these cute little gnome ornaments.

10. Pom Pom Christmas Gmoes

These easy pom pom gnomes are great for using as holiday decor or to spruce up the tree. They’re fun, easy to make, and super cute.

Gnome Christmas Ornaments

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