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Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts Parents Need

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Skip the popular baby shower gifts and go unique with getting the new mom to be something from this most forgotten baby shower gifts list.

You can always count on guests bringing some of the most common or popular shower gifts. You know mom will be stocked up on diapers from the diaper raffle, baby soaps, wipes, and all the essentials.

But what about those things we often forget we need or will help us through the first year?

Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts Parents Need

Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

Instead of getting more of those typical baby shower gifts, take note of a few of these most forgotten baby shower gifts to give.

These helpful gifts are things people may tend to forget when it comes to having a baby.

They are useful gift ideas for parents who don’t know what they want or for those who haven’t made a baby registry.

Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts Parents Need

Unique Baby Shower Gifts To Give

I do highly recommend that if the parents have made a baby registry, go off that first.

Then, you can add some of these items as bonus gifts or in exchange for those you think they may already get.

1. Breastfeeding Shirts for Mom

If the new mom has chosen to breastfeed, you can’t go wrong with getting her some breastfeeding shirts. The shirts have easy access so she can breastfeed anywhere and they are made with a soft material to keep her cool and comfortable.

2. Baby Blanket with Months for Photos

We love watching kids grow and in their first year, they grow so much. It’s cute to see their features change and their personalities start to come out. A baby blanket that has the months on it is perfect for the monthly pictures we love to take and show off how much the baby has grown.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter New Moms Set

Getting her a set like this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter set will help her take care of her body after the baby is born. This set comes with nursing butter, tightening body lotion, bust cream, and skin therapy oil. All of these will help keep mom’s skin healthy and healing.

4. Post-Birth Photo Shoot Session

Get together with a local photographer and the new parents-to-be to see if you can set up a future post-birth photo shoot session. Prepay for the photo shoot or purchase a gift certificate that can be used when ready. I love this option when it comes to gifting and I think it’s one of the most forgotten baby shower gifts you can give mom.

5. Baby Bath Kneeler

Kneeling beside the bathtub is not friendly on the knees. It’s uncomfortable and makes your knees hurt. Baby bath kneelers will help keep mom and dad comfortable for years.

6. Newborn Laundry Detergent

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than ours so having a delicate laundry detergent is important. It’s often one of the most forgotten baby items but very important.

7. Baby Brezza

For moms who are planning to formula feed, a Baby Brezza can really come in handy. It’s an automatic formula dispenser machine that will help save time with making warm bottles. It’s easy to use and will be helpful for new moms.

8. Gift Cards or Cash

Gift cards: another forgotten baby shower gift. Some may think that giving gift cards or even cash for a gift is tacky and impersonal. But these can come in handy for new parents, especially when they have everything.

Gift cards can be purchased from their favorite food places, coffee shops, department stores, and online stores. They can use the gift cards whenever they need them for the things they want or need.

Give cash in a creative way. Like gift cards, cash can be used for anything new parents may need. Once the baby is here they may realize something was forgotten or they may change their mind about something they thought they didn’t want.

Cash and gift cards give them the flexibility to get whatever they want when they want.

Don’t Forget these Most Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts!

Forgotten Baby Shower Gifts

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