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Nature Playdough Mats for Summer

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Kids will love these summer nature playdough mats. The free 8-page printable will have kids making shapes that are all nature-themed.

Playdough is a great way for kids to learn various concepts and they inspire creativity. They are a fun hands-on activity for preschool and kindergarten learners.

As kids work the playdough into shapes, they’ll be working on their fine motor skills as they learn shapes, math, and more.

Summer Nature Playdough Mats

Nature Playdough Mats

These summer nature playdough mats are perfect for the warm weather months. As kids explore outside they’ll see butterflies, leaves, the sun, clouds, and various insects.

With these summer nature play doh mats, kids can use the play-doh to create the different shapes of things they may see this summer.

  1. butterfly
  2. a leave
  3. rainbow
  4. ladybug
  5. a cloud
  6. the sun
  7. an apple
  8. a flower

You can download these free printable summer nature mats to give the kids a fun way to learn and practice important skills.

How to use the summer play-doh mats

  • Print the playdough mats on regular paper.
  • Slide them into a sheet protector or laminate them. You don’t have to do this but trust me, you’re going to want to!
  • Use various colors of playdough to create the shapes. For instance, the sun is yellow so having the kids use yellow playdough to build the sun will help with color coordination.
  • Have the kids read the pages and trace the words of the image with washable markers. Each page has a color image on it, so kids can copy the color and design of each playdough mat.
Summer Nature Playdough Mats

Download the playdough mats here

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