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Spring Salad Ideas & Recipes

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You can’t go wrong with these easy spring salad ideas. They’re perfect for a light lunch, dinner, or side.

Once the weather starts to warm up a little, I find myself starting to crave a delicious and crunchy salad. There’s just something about the fresh spring flavors and colorful spring salad ideas that I love. Some of my favorites are spring salads with strawberries.

While I think about salads, the kids think more about spring treats, flower snacks, and the spring holidays that are filled with fun and candy.

Spring Salad Recipes

Colorful, flavorful, and easy to put together, these spring salad recipes will be a hit. Serve them up as a side with your favorite dish, as a quick and easy lunch or dinner, or as an appetizer.

Spring Salad Ideas

1. Mandarin Orange Spinach Salad – Bring the flavors of spinach and mandarin oranges together with this spring salad recipe. It’s tossed with a flavorful orange vinaigrette dressing that compliments.

2. Spring Green Salad with Asparagus – Welcome spring with this easy spring green salad. The added asparagus gives this spring salad idea a burst of flavor.

3. Fresh Strawberry, Pecan, and Feta Salad – A bright and refreshing salad for spring, this strawberry, pecan, and feta salad is a delicious salad you won’t regret trying.

4. Chopped Salad with Buttermilk-Pesto Dressing – A buttermilk pesto dressing makes this chopped spring salad delicious. The homemade dressing is easy to make and it’ll add some extra flavor to your spring chopped salad.

5. Fresh Spring Salad – With bright and delicious flavors of springtime produce, this easy-to-make green salad is crunch, filling, and delicious. You get a nice crunch with veggies like snap peas and asparagus to go with the simple lemon vinaigrette dressing.

6. Chopped BLT Salad – Served with a creamy dill dressing, you don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy the flavors of a BLT. This is one of our favorite spring salad ideas we think everyone will love.

7. Easy Italian Salad Recipe – Loaded with cured meats, olives, and cheese this easy spring meal salad ideas is perfect for lunch or as a side dinner.

Spring Salad Ideas

Many of these salads are great for summer too! Fresh veggies, crispy lettuce or greens, and a tasty salad dressing are all you need for a filling meal.

Spring Salad Recipes

8. Greek Chicken Salad – Loaded with fresh veggies and chicken, you can’t go wrong with this Greek chicken salad if you are looking for some delicious spring salad ideas and recipes.

9. Crunchy Thai Peanut Salad – Tossed with a peanut dressing, this crunchy Thai salad is delicious and full of flavor.

10. Keto Cobb Salad Recipe – Cobb salads are popular for both summer and spring and we love this flavorful and easy to make keto cobb salad.

11. Arugula Beet Salad with Feta and Walnuts – Filling, crunchy, and flavorful, this tasty dish will be a great addition to your spring salad ideas.

12. Ultimate Chopped Salad – If you’re looking for a filling salad, this chopped salad is filling and flavorful. Fresh veggies and crunchy lettuce are mixed with your favorite salad dressing.

13. Smoked Salmon Salad – Made with avocado, blueberries, and salmon, this quick and easy spring salad recipes is drizzled with creamy sweet vinaigrette for extra flavor.

Spring Salad Ideas & Recipes

Spring Salads

14. Salad With Wild Greens and Flowers – Wild greens and flowers give you a beautiful salad that’s edible and delicious.

15. Spring Salad with Smoked Salmon and Honey Dijon Vinaigrette – Served or tossed with a flavorful honey dijon vinaigrette, this spring salad is filling and flavorful.

16. Southwest Steak Salad with Spicy Avocado Dressing – Healthy and delicious, this southwest steak salad is paired with a spicy avocado dressing to give you one of the best spring salad ideas.

17. Cabbage and Cashew Salad with Miso Vinaigrette – Crunchy and colorful, this cabbage and cashew salad with a miso vinaigrette is easy and delicious.

Liven up spring with these flavorful spring salad recipes.

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