Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

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Are those cute and cuddly stuffed animals taking over your child’s room? If so, these stuffed animal storage ideas will help keep them organized.

Kids love stuffed animals and they make great gifts for celebrations and holidays. You may have even saved some stuffed animals for the baby’s room as a baby shower gift and kept them over the years.

While we love those cute and cuddle stuffed toys, sooner or later they’re going to take over your space.

The best way to keep them organized is to see what kind of stuffed animal storage ideas you can use to fit your space. A lot of this will depend on how much space you are working with.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

With these stuffed animal storage ideas, you will be able to safely store them while not being used.

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Ways to Store Stuffed Animals

No matter how much space you are working with, these stuffed animal storage ideas will help you keep them from overtaking the room.

1. Hammocks

Wall hammocks are a popular way to store stuffed animals and it makes a great DIY stuffed animal storage idea. All you need is some mesh netting and a few hooks to make your own hammock stuffed animal storage ideas. You can hang the hammock up in the corner of the room or on any part of the wall.

2. Shelves

If you’re working with limited space, aren’t too overwhelmed with stuffed animals yet, and have plenty of wall space, shelves can be a great way to store stuffed animals.

After hanging the shelves you can simply organize the stuffed animals in a visually appealing way or use them to store cubbies filled with stuffed animals. I recommend using this stuffed animal storage solution for small stuffed animals.

3. Plastic Totes

One of the best stuffed animal storage ideas in to place them in clear plastic totes. Keeping them tucked away in a tote will help protect them from dust and humidity.

If you are storing stuffed animals for a long period of time, this will be the best option. It will help protect them for the longest period of time.

4. Laundry Basket or Hamper

The tall laundry baskets or laundry hampers that you can buy are an affordable storage idea for stuffed animals. You can store the basket behind the door, in the corner of the room, or in the closet. They won’t be very organized but they will at least be up off the floor and kids can easily get to them.

5. Toy Chest

One of the most popular stuffed animal storage ideas is the toy chest. Toy chests can be a great space saver and you can find different sizes to fit your needs. Large toy chests will work for lots of stuffed animals. A smaller chest would be perfect if you have a small number of animals or lots of small-sized stuffed animals.

In addition to using the toy chest as stuffed animal storage, you can also use it for storing other toys, blankets, or items. The chest can be placed anywhere and when the kids are ready to play, they can easily pull it out and have fun.

6. DIY Repurposed Furniture

Most creative stuffed animal storage ideas! If you’re feeling a little crafty and want to create your own stuffed animal storage, you can repurpose any unused furniture you have. This can be things like old dressers or cabinets that you can remove the shelves from.

7. Store in the Closet

If you want the stuffed animals completely out of sight, you can store them in a closet. Toss them into a bag, basket, or vacuum seal bag to keep them. We love using those zipper bags that bedding comes in when it comes to stuffed animal storage ideas. We add the stuffed animals, zip up the bag, and toss them in the closet for an easy stuffed animal storage solution.

8. Closet Door Organizers – Over The Door Storage

Similar to those shoe organizers that hang on the back of the door, you can get one that’s perfect for stuffed animals. It’s an affordable and easy stuffed animal storage solution that keeps the stuffed animals off the floor and neatly organized.

9. Baskets or Bins

Storing stuffed animals in baskets or bins can be a great way to organize them and keep the room clutter-free. It also allows kids to get to them easily when they want. You can also match the baskets or bins with the style or colors of the room to bring it all together.

10. Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be a great way to store stuffed animals. The kids can help organize the stuffed toys as they wish and showcase all of their favorite fluffy friends. In addition to using it as a stuffed animal storage space, you can add books and other things.

11. Store Under The Bed

If your child has a bed with storage under it, those drawers can be used to store stuffed animals, especially small ones. If you don’t have storage drawers under the bed, you can also keep them in containers or bags and store them underneath so that they are out of the way.

12. Bean Bag Storage Chair

One of our favorite inventions for the kid’s room are bean bag storage chairs. It’s basically a large bean bag-shaped canvas that you can place the stuffed animals in and zip up. Kids can then use the bean bag as a chair to play with other toys, sit and watch TV, or read a book.

13. Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers are a cute and trendy way to organize stuffed animals. You can hang them from the ceiling and they hold quite a few stuffed animals. They will also add some extra color and design to the room.

Stuffed Animal Hanging Storage

14. Dresser

A dresser can do double duty. Not only can it be used for storing clothes, but you can use some of the totes or drawers to store stuffed animals. You can also set a TV on top and use it as a TV stand. Just make sure the kids know not to climb, pull, or push it over! Make sure it’s safely secured or that the kids are responsible enough for this.

Those are some of our favorite stuffed animal storage items and ways to keep your child’s room nice and tidy.

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

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